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Heart Centered Network is the place to Connect, Communicate and Collaborate with other Heart Centered People and Businesses.


It is such a thrill and delight to open-up a place where one can relax, find information, kindship, friendship,...and so much more.

This website is a testimony that MIRACLES HAPPEN.

It began as a vision that was "downloaded" several years ago. I thought the vision was given to me by "mistake", thinking it was surely meant for the computer techie down the hall from where I worked. Luckily, I wrote the vision down in meticulous detail. In no time, I had a 12-page document. Details just poured onto page after page. I saved the document. Immediately afterwards, I proceed to get "busy" and shelved the project.

Fast forward to several years later. Knowing there are no "mistakes" in life, I stumbled upon the document, "dusted it off", and used it as my template to create you are seeing today. It is a truly labor of Love. Though at times there were frustrations, setbacks, and delays, I constantly "checked-in", felt guided by Spirit to continue, got the support I needed, and moved forward.

I view the website, as I view myself - a "work in progress." Expect changes! This is merely the beginning. There is so much more to come!!!

It takes courage to "step-out there", with the intentions of being a positive force and resource, to the world wide web. I am proud of myself for answering a higher call to service and support. Please send Light to the positive movement forward and to a broad and positive reach.

My personal mission, otherwise known as "entelechy", is to be of service and to support those who are supporting others. Heart Centered Network is a manifestation of my calling. May it be a place of Love and support for you.

With immense heart-felt gratitude,

Heart Centered Network
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